The 80s and 90s: from Pinball through Atari to Pac-Man: the eighties and nineties kids know what we’re on about! We created Arcave Room to help more adults rediscover the joy of classic retro games and introduce more kids to the fantastic games that made our childhood what it was.

The Arcave Room is the modern gaming heaven for all retro gaming enthusiasts: a place where parents can transform the sense of nostalgia into excitement and instill a newfound enjoyment of their childhood’s favorite games into the next generation.

The team behind Arcave Room shares the same passion for retro gaming. As entrepreneurs, we are always on the lookout for exciting new business opportunities that we can pour our passion and experience in, while bettering the community in the meantime. As family people, we understand how stressful hosting a kids birthday party can be so the idea of Arcave Room came naturally: a kids birthday party venue where adults can chill and relax with their all-time favorites, while children roam freely, rediscovering the staples of gaming.

A huge portion of what made the 80s and 90s games so immersive was the atmosphere and we wanted to bring this back to life. At the Arcave, you won’t only find a huge selection of retro games but also amazing retro décor: from floor-to-ceiling Pac-man wall to a custom glow-in-the-dark wall, we have created a time machine that takes you right back into your beloved 80s and 90s.